🌿 Holistic Health

Combining personal training with nutrition coaching, Elle takes a holistic approach to your overall wellness. Learn to listen to your body and build fundamental knowledge that is adaptable to any skill level.

🥕 Nutrition

No calorie counting here! Elle’s holistic approach to meal plans means modifying your existing diet a little bit at a time—and listening to your gut.

🤸🏽‍♂️ Rehabilitation

Instead of going to a physical therapist for 6 weeks, work on injury recovery with Elle for as long as you need. Beyond simply rehab, she will also build your strength to ensure that you’re ready for whatever life throws at you.

💪🏾 Functional Strength

Train your core habits and learn all about how the body works. Elle’s approach combines expertise, teaching, and precision for a program tailor-made for your goals.

“I cannot recommend her enough. I have been training with Elle for 3+ years. Each session is unique so it’s always fun and tailored to my goals and progress. I have seen myself get leaner and stronger over my time with her. I can lift heavy 💪 and can (finally! 🎉) do push-ups. She constantly integrates new exercises to complement my other sports (swimming and climbing). Elle is very knowledgeable. She’ll teach you the proper form so your workouts are efficient and injury-free. And BONUS POINT: she is an amazing person and I always look forward to our sessions!”


Training Options

🐕 Virtual Session

Train from the comfort of your home and connect via Zoom.

Anywhere in the world

😎 Outdoor Sessions

Meet in a park and get some Vitamin D from the sun while you work on your fitness.

Only in San Diego, CA
Additional fee for equipment transport

🧱 Gym Sessions

Already have a gym membership? Great! If not, Elle rents a space at a private gym in San Diego.

Only in San Diego, CA
Additional gym membership fee applies

🏡 Home Visits

Use the equipment you have in your home. Whatever you don’t have on hand, Elle can bring it to you!

Only in San Diego, CA
Additional fee for equipment transport

Never Too Late: Case Study

“I turned 60 years old last year but I felt like a woman in her 80s. In less than a year, I can see dramatic changes that Elle has helped me to accomplish. I’ve lost 30 pounds of excess belly fat. I’ve gained strength overall. I can climb steps easily. I walk down the street without getting fatigued before I reach the corner. Thanks to Elle’s coaching, I feel hopeful that I can be vibrant, healthy, and active for many more years to come.”

“When I started working with Elle as my coach, I felt skeptical that my life could change. I was never good at sports and had no idea of where to begin a healthier lifestyle. Elle encouraged me with her positivity. She tailored her lesson plans to fit my individual needs.”


“I started my training journey with Elle in person about 3.5 years ago. I’d never had a trainer, didn’t really know how to use a lot of the equipment at the gym, and was worried a trainer would mean getting yelled at for an hour. It quickly became clear how knowledgeable, fun, and thoughtful Elle is in how she designs her sessions to your needs, whether they’re in person or virtual. The more I trained with her, the happier I felt afterwards. Of course I don’t always feel like training, but I always feel better afterwards. Training with Elle hasn’t just been great for my body (got myself some abs, toned arms, and a firmer booty!), but it’s also been a major pillar of mental health for me.”


“Elle helped with with my chronic back pain, and listens to me whine every week about not wanting to exercise—and somehow she gets me to do it with a super calm & gentle demeanor!”



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